Thursday, 6 June 2013

Badger Cull: Which Lib Dems voted for sanity?

As far as I can tell, at this stage, the Lib Dem MPs that voted for vaccination rather than cull...

Gordon Birtwistle,
Paul Burstow,
John Hemming,
Martin Horwood,
Stephen Lloyd,
John Pugh,
Bob Russell,
Adrian Sanders,
Stephen Williams

Apparently absent/abstained:

Annette Brooke,
Jeremy Browne,
Malcolm Bruce,
Lorely Burt,
Michael Crockart,
Tim Farron,
Andrew George,
Julian Huppert,
Mike Thornton,
Charles Kennedy,
John Leech,
Greg Mulholland,
Tessa Munt,
Andrew Stunell,
Sarah Teather,
Simon Wright

This leaves 32 Lib Dem MPs that chose to (or were forced to by the decisions of the party executive) ignore both the scientific evidence that suggested this cull may actually make the situation worse, and the financial evidence that suggests the cost of night shoots, policing the cull against protestors and future legal action will cost more than the sum that a vaccination would.

Well done, another one for my wall of why I can't trust the Lib Dems in power.

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