Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why you shouldn't vote for Police and Crime Comissioners

I recently wrote a longer post in response to Stephen Tall that went in to detail as to why I dislike Police and Crime Comissioners as a "democratic" model for police accountability and direction.

But...as usual...it was LOOONG. So let me try and give you a brief explanation of why you should not vote on November the 15th:

Imagine that our parliament, where MPs from all over the country come together to discuss and debate issues on our behalf, and make laws through a democratic system of voting is replaced. Instead, we still elect MPs, but they aren't involved in our law making process. Instead we elect a single president who will make all of the decisions, and have sole responsibility.

Do you support that change, from MPs around the country making laws, to a single person making laws?

If yes, go ahead and keep on voting for your Police and Crime Comissioner with a consistent purpose. If, like most I would imagine, the answer is no...then what are you doing even endorsing such an autocratic change? Don't vote on November 15th!

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