Thursday, 11 August 2011

Why we get frustrated at "Disrupt messaging services" mantra

It's hard to put this down into words properly, as no matter how I try to phrase it the whole notion of how we approach problems in our society just seems childishly silly. But taking away some messaging services when people are using them to communicate about potentially illegal matters seems so much like using a RPG to scare the cat off your lawn.

Disrupting innocent people's services at the same time, rather than deal with the issue know..people wanting to commit criminal acts the government would rather look in to ways of simply stopping them from talking to each other.

Ignoring all of the ever-present digital knowhow that means blocking a single service, or even a range of services, won't stop people from circumnavigating such's a very lazy way of trying to solve a problem of crime.

I mean, I understand it...this Tory led government, like Labour before them, don't want to spend the time and money necessary to deal with the issues that cause people to use social networks to organise themselves in to criminal action...they'd rather just forget the people exist and try a cheap, brute force, don't care how many other innocent people are inconvenienced because it's for the greater good, lazy tactic.

Just imagine if cancer research changed today not to find the reason for Cancer, but instead to just try and treat it as it is...and not only in those with cancer but anyone, just in case they have cancer and we don't know it. It's a ridiculous idea that people would approach such a serious problem with that why do we do it for social political issues?

It just doesn't make any bloody sense.

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