Saturday, 19 February 2011

What is AV?

AV is turning up at the butchers wanting steak, finding it's sold out but still being able to buy chicken instead.

AV is wanting to watch the Kings Speech at the cinema, but still being able to see Black Swan when the screening is sold out.

AV is wanting to go for a curry, but happily getting a chinese instead because your housemates don't like spicy food.

Av is at least having spoons when what you need is a knife.

AV is not being able to find your Kings of Leon CD in the car, but having Mumford and Sons ready to play

AV is wanting a Cobra when you get to the bar, but buying a Corona when the Cobra is sold out.

Av is your long term life partner dying, but finding another love to keep you company.

Av is wanting to use the treadmills at the gym, but using the rowing machine as all the treadmills are in use.

AV is your team being 1-0 down in the 90th, and being happy when they score an equaliser just before the whistle.

Av is finding your favourite clubbing top hasn't been washed, but having a back-up for just such an occurrence.

In basic terms, AV is still being allowed to have a choice out of the remaining options available, and for your valid opinion to be heard. Isn't that a nice thing to be able to have?

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